Innovating the Hemp Industry Using Better Growing Techniques with Peter Wojcik of Pharmagreen Biotec

This week on BUSINESS PULSE RADIO we learn all about Canadian based Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc. and their unique technology and systems for growing healthier and more predictable hemp plants from their CEO Peter Wojcik.

On today’s episode, Attorney Michael Brette, founder of Small Cap Equity Advisors and author of Raising Capital for Your Business) talks with Peter Wojcik, CEO of Pharmagreen Biotech on how they are innovating the cannabis industry breaking boundaries to become the most internationally recognized and valued biotech science solutions company in North America thru their proprietary micro-propagation techniques, research and development for plant sustainability, preservation of genetics and extraction of botanical oils and plant DNA species identification and certification center. He explains why hemp plants grown from tissue cultured plantlets help growers preserve their proprietary hemp strains while improving the quality of the end product. He also shares a variety of ways hemp can be used by consumers and discusses the challenges associated with balancing CBD and THC ratios when using cannabis for medical purposes.

“Balancing CBD and THC ratios is challenging in the medical marijuana industry.” Peter Wojcik

This week on Business Pulse Talk Radio:

  • How Pharmagreen Biotech Inc is innovating the cannabis industry

  • How tissue culture plantlets help cannabis producers preserve proprietary hemp strains

  • The importance of understanding the cultivation schedule to achieve high-quality hemp plants

  • How consumers can use hemp and hemp seeds - beyond ingestion

  • What inspired Peter to start a career in the cannabis industry

  • Why balancing CBD and THC ratios is challenging in the medical marijuana industry

  • The difference between the Canadian and U.S. hemp markets

  • Pharmagreen’s current revenue model and how they plan to use the funds from the S-1 offering

  • Pharmagreen’s goals for the future

  • The difference between tissue culture plantlets and cloned hemp plantlets, and the benefits and drawbacks of each

About Peter Wojcik:

Peter Wojcik is the Director and CEO of Pharmagreen Biotech Inc, a publicly-traded company developing state-of-the-art solutions for licensed cannabis producers. Peter holds an Advanced Bachelor’s degree in Economics and has over a decade of experience in the research and application of cannabis and its therapeutic properties. He has vast experience in business startups, growth, and development that has led to successful exit strategies. His deep passion for the health and well-being of others has led his decision to build his career in the cannabis industry.

Connect with Peter Wojcik:

Pharmagreen Biotech Inc


Stock Symbol: PHBI

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View Online - Innovating the Hemp Industry Using Better Growing Techniques with Peter Wojcik of Pharmagreen Biotech Inc

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