Pharmagreen Biotech is Seeking to Revolutionize Cancer Research and More with Their Cannabis Botany

The cannabis industry is worth billions of dollars, and is showing no signs of slowing down with many cannabis related companies now providing crowdfunding investment opportunities to both accredited and non-accredited investors who wish to participate in its growth. It may also help discover cures and treatments for cancer. Pharmagreen Biotech, with their S1 document now effective from the SEC, is one such company targeting cancer research and much more with their vision of multi-purpose Cannabis Botany Centers. In this podcast, company CEO and Director Peter Wojcik explains how he’s using proprietary technology and intellectual property to reach his goal of building these facilities across the nation (and internationally) – and how investors of all sizes can get involved.

As a currently trading stock, Pharmagreen is a biotech sciences company with specialized products and services in the booming cannabis industry. The company is focused on utilizing proprietary technologies and formulations in its state of the art Cannabis Botany Center to help shape the future of the Cannabis industry where its future brand of products will focus on manufacturing and marketing of Cannabis products for medical and recreational markets in Canada with an eye on International markets.

Click image below to hear the Podcast interview with Peter Wojcik.

These Centers are unique because they address a number of issues when it comes to micro-propagation techniques, tissue culture plantlets production, research and development for plants sustainability, preservation of genetics, extraction of botanical oils, Cannabis products development and plant DNA species identification and certification. In other words, Mr.Wojcik’s Cannabis Botany Center may just be an industry breakthrough that sets Pharmagreen apart from the rest! He can be contacted by email or at the website here for questions or more information on this investment opportunity.

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