The Botany Biotech Complex

The Botany Biotech Complex is an innovative and proprietary design of up to 63,000 sq. ft. of building space. Pharmagreen has updated its development plans to include an all-year-round greenhouse operation in support of its starter plantlets sales for high CBD hemp farming. The completion of the greenhouse will generate revenues for the company, while it’s up to 1 Million per month, tissue culture starter plantlet production facility, the Botany Biotech Complex, is under construction.

The Botany Biotech Complex will employ between 80-100 persons on site at capacity.  The primary focus is to produce pesticide/fungicide-free, with no genetic drift tissue cultured plantlets to meet the rapidly increasing hemp market demand for high CBD and entourage constituents, quality starter plant material using the proprietary in-vitro “Chibafreen Process”.    

  •  This pioneering micro-propagation technology developed by B.R.I.M. for use by Pharmagreen in its biotech centers for new growth plantlets from any existing plant strain while limiting genetic variance and mutation.  It allows for large-scale production of precise and consistently robust quality suitable plantlets for even the most sizeable commercial ventures.

  •  Application of this industry-leading botanical tissue culture technology may also be adapted for any plant species to benefit sustainable agriculture needs beyond simply the various specific hemp species

  • Cold storage capacity utilizing B.R.I.M.’s proprietary Cold Storage technology will provide for long term plant tissue sample preservation and banking of specific live plantlet strains for future research and production.

  • Energy-efficient and state-of-the-art greenhouse space will further allow for year-round nurseries safeguarding cultured and developing plants for all growing seasons.

  • B.R.I.M. has developed a proprietary industrial hemp strain named “CBD DANA” which will be made available for large-scale production for both domestic and international markets produced and sold via Pharmagreen’s biotech center.  This innovative strain contains a high cannabidiol content of 10-20%, less than 0.3% THC and a unique profile of active terpene and alkamide entourage constituents.

  • Onsite research and development at the complex will continue to enhance existing micro-propagation techniques for cultured plantlets and help refine developing protocols for a variety of unique plant strains for indoor and outdoor plant growers.


  •  The Botany Biotech Complex will provide analytic services, genomic characterization and testing of botanical material for industry certification and also include commercial-scale capacity for hemp plant extraction, distillation, isolates and formulations for producing botanical oils and other active medicinal constituents.  Medicinal formulations researched and developed at the complex will be made available under the Pharmagreen Biotech brand.


Pharmagreen’s one of a kind Botany Biotech Complex may serve as a model for future build-outs in other parts of the country and abroad.  Its facilities for large-scale production, research and storage of genetically identical, disease and pest-free plantlets with consistent and certifiable constituent properties ensure the highest standards for safety and quality of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids.  Competitive innovation, strategic partnerships and cross-industry applications of cutting-edge micro-propagation technologies put Pharmagreen’s Botany Biotech Complex in a unique position to lead the way in this exciting field of plant biology and its beneficial constituents.