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Science Lab


The Pharmagreen Botany Biotech Complex  is dedicated to breaking boundaries to become the most internationally recognized and valued biotech
science solutions company in North America for its proprietary blend of therapeutic plants and fungi, micro-propagation techniques, tissue culture plantlets production, research and development for plants sustainability, preservation of genetics, extraction of whole plant botanical constituents.   

Herbal Medicine



Our proprietary blend is unique to the market, a nutrigenomic supplement for the utmost mind and body experience. Nutrigenomics, or nutritional genomics, concerns the relationship between nutrients, diet, and genetic expression. The Company’s new product was formulated to repair damage done to your DNA. This damage happens during cell division and as a result of oxidative stresses due to environmental influences such as pollution. The human body has the ability to repair DNA with special proteins but over time these proteins get used up. By using fungi and plants that contain β-glucans, polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid, lipopolysaccharides, and many more beneficial compounds it is possible to reverse damage done to your genes. Pharmagreen created this new line of genomic supplements because health and wellness start on the cellular level. 




CHIBAFREEN™ a new, highly evolved, state-of-the-art in vitro plant production method is introduced by the company Botanical Research In Motion Inc. (B.R.I.M.) for exclusive use by Pharmagreen Biotech Inc. for various kinds of high quality plantlets production in the company’s botany complex. 

This proprietary process was developed by Dr. Fawzia Afreen, Science Officer for B.R.I.M.

In this method relatively small chlorophyllous (leafy) explants or single nodal cuttings are grown inside the culture vessel under pathogen free, sterile condition under artificial light. 


The conventional in vitro system for transplant production involves four stages:

1) Initiation, 2) Multiplication, 3) Rooting and 4) Hardening.

In our new method one of the stages is eliminated, which reduce the production period and costs drastically. The root formation and the hardening of the plant are carried out using our new technology, coined as Chibafreen™ in vitro plant production. 



Using DNA testing, growers can ensure they have the right genetics of plants to grow.:

* protect their crops from uncertified plant species investment

* mitigate the risk of plant to yield ratios * reduce losses from environmental conditions

* protect them from any financial damage  We will develop an extensive database for several crops. Clients/growers simply need to collect leaf samples (300 – 500 g) of a suspect variety and our lab will compare its SSR fingerprint to varieties in our database.



Lowering temperature can slow the metabolic processes (e.g. respiration) and prevent undesirable loss of dry mass and associated deteriorations of quality. The proper combination of air temperature, light intensity and propriety techniques during storage would contribute to minimizing increase/decrease in dry weight and preserving photosynthetic ability and provide immediate regrowth of plantlets after storage.

First of its kind service for: To preserve clients plants strains and propagate them when necessary.

* To maintain a variety of plants species indefinitely with the immediate ability for mass reproduction.

* Flexible production schedule on a commercial scale is possible.



Year-round IoT greenhouse structures will be built on the property to provide nursery and cultivation space for cannabis plants and other beneficial flora. The starter plantlets will be used in the cultivation cycles for our own production of highest grade flower tops and for sale to our partner cultivators. 


Our starter plantlets will be guaranteed to be all disease free, no bugs and no genetic drift. 

Long Valley Farms Live Rosin Pressing.jpg


Pharmagreen's brand of "liverosin" Cannabis  products will be offered  throughout California. The uniqueness of the live  rosin products will be its superior efficacy and  entourage effects, compared to extracted formulation just with CBD or other singular  cannabinoids.


The facility and the equipment will be future certified for cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

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