Milestone management

Milestone Management Services LLC.

Milestone provides Privately held, Micro-Cap and Small-Cap companies with Strategic Advisory, Public Relations, Investor Relations, Marketing and Media Services.

We help companies add and maintain value in the market. Whether it’s a private client looking to boost sales, online visibility and performance or our public clients looking to establish their brand along with develop and maintain a strong shareholder base.

We direct efficient and effective conversations that drive business objectives, enhance reputations and build meaningful relationships with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and high level retail investors. We will use our existing investor, broker, and analyst contacts.

Milestone management

Alliance Growers Corp

Alliance Growers Corp., a Canadian publicly-traded company (Symbol: ACG on the CSE), is a cannabis company dedicated to building shareholder value through its focus on the cannabis sector with an eye toward regulated medical infrastructure within regional, national and international markets.


Through our ‘Four Pillars’ business strategy we have mapped out a strategy that seeks to create networks between cannabis growers, cannabidiol (CBD) oil extractors, and new agricultural technologies.


Alliance Growers is focused on securing long-term plantlet supply contracts and offtake agreements at wholesale cost for flower to be used in CBD oil extraction. This will be accomplished through a series of strategic joint ventures with licensed producers. Development of land for the growth of high quality cannabis plants would occur in an offshore, low operating cost jurisdictions where it is anticipated that the majority of the plant production would be processed for the extraction of pharmaceutical grade CBD Oil.

The company was incorporated in 2014 and has its head office in Vancouver, Canada. Alliance Growers is publicly traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the symbol ACG and on the Frankfurt Stock exchange under the symbol 1LA.


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Botnical research

Botanical Research In Motion Inc. (B.R.I.M. Inc.)

B.R.I.M. is a privately held research and development company focused on the hemp and other flora industry. Developer of “Chibafreen” invitro plant micro propagation proprietary technology for the production of tissue cultures for exclusive use in the Pharmagreen’s  Botany Biotech Center. The company has also been developing for the last three years tissue culture protocols for variety of plant strains. In particular it has developed a hemp strain with a high CBD, and less than 0.3% THC content, dubbed  “CBD Dana” for the CBD hemp production. Pharmagreen’s  Botany Biotech Center is the exclusive supplier of “CBD Dana” plantlets. Future research and development will be for the CBD oils and other constituents extract formulations for humans to be produced and branded by Pharmagreen. B.R.I.M. will use SSR marker (Simple sequence repeat) technology to fingerprint varieties. We will develop an extensive database for several crops. These services will provided by B.R.I.M. as a value added service for Pharmagreen’s Botany Center.

Cannabis Compliance

Cannabis Compliance Inc.

As Canada’s original cannabis consulting firm, our number one objective is to obtain Health Canada approval for our clients.

Canada is the only G7 country to legalize both medical and recreational cannabis on a national level. To facilitate this, Canada has established the most stringent requirements for commercial production on the planet. Achieving compliance means following strict protocols regarding security system designs and procedures, quality assurance programs, record keeping, sanitation and standard operating procedures.

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Architecture interior design planning

Gary Fields Architecture

Gary Fields Architecture is a full service firm established on the owner’s platform of experience in architecture, planning, urban design, environment, and construction. We provide project leadership from pre-project to the end of construction with a single point of responsibility for performance of your design and construction project. The firm works on projects of all scales with private owners, commercial clients and major institutional clients.


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Green Light

The Green Light team has over two decades of experience creating, funding, and bringing technology innovations to market. 

We are a group of entrepreneurs that understand the challenges companies face developing, funding, and building teams that can execute their business plans.

Our team is comprised of founders and senior management of public and private companies. We have raised over $30 million for various initiatives.


We are now offering that expertise to our clients in the form of three core services:

1.       SR&ED Services

2.       Growth Programs

3.       Team Programs


SR&ED is the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentive program, which encourages Canadian businesses to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada.  Green Light’s vision of SR&ED is of a multi-year funding vehicle. As such, we strive to become long-term, trusted partners with our clients.  Don’t get us confused with consultants, who tend to be contractors for hire with a short-term, task-oriented focus. We look for partnership opportunities to take your business to the next level.  We often start working with new clients using our SR&ED service. As the relationship develops, many clients also take advantage of our assistance, in growing their business, by utilizing our knowledge, technical expertise, or our ability to raise capital.  

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