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PHBI Pharmagreen Appoints Tyrell Crosby, a Professional Athlete, as Its Honorary Sports Ambassador

CARSON CITY, NV, Nov. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire – Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc., (OTC PINKS: PHBI), (“Pharmagreen” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that Mr. Tyrell Crosby, a professional NFL player, has joined the Pharmagreen team to be an Honorary Sports Ambassador for Pharmagreen’s NutraMax Genomic Supplement product line. Tyrell will attend gatherings, trade shows, and other scheduled events selected by Pharmagreen, and will provide his endorsement of NutraMax products on various online social media platforms. As a professional athlete, Mr. Crosby is acutely aware of the need for mind and body wellness in dealing with injuries, rehabilitation, and recovery on a constant basis.

Nutraceutical supplements have long been a part of Tyrell’s wellness regimen, and Pharmagreen’s NutraMax Genomic Supplement is exactly formulated to support continued health in the face of body and mind stresses in everyone’s life, from the top performing athlete to the everyday individual. Pharmagreen’s proprietary blend is unique to the market, a nutrigenomic supplement for the utmost mind and body experience. Nutrigenomics, or nutritional genomics, concerns the relationship between nutrients, diet, and genetic expression. Pharmagreen created this new line of genomic supplements because health and wellness start on the cellular level … NutraMax Genomic Supplement will be available for purchase soon through Shopify, Amazon, other third-party online outlets, and the Company’s own pending online store.

According to Zion Market Research, the nutraceutical industry is growing quickly, with sales expected to reach nearly $750 billion by 2028, representing a compound annual growth rate of 8.8% over the next six years. As the consumer knowledge base of the tremendous wellness benefits from medicinal plants and fungi keeps expanding, so does the demand for such organically derived supplement products. Pharmagreen is focused on developing its product and becoming a household brand worldwide in support of everyone’s everyday wellbeing.

Pharmagreen is currently producing its first supply of NutraMax Genomic Supplement enteric capsules at a cGMP certified production facility in the U.S. All organic plant and fungi biomaterial is tested and certified for its contaminant-free content, and a certificate of analysis is matched with the suppliers.

Mr. Tyrell Crosby commented, “After having the opportunity to sample the NutraMax Genomic Supplement and making it part of my everyday wellness program, I knew Pharmagreen was onto something great. Nutraceutical products are very important supplements for all athletes serious about their performance and everyday body and mind balance. This is what I get with NutraMax, and I am excited to be involved with Pharmagreen to help the company grow its business.”

Mr. Ethan Styles, Pharmagreen’s V.P. of Product Research and Development stated, “The NutraMax formulation is designed for individuals’ overall wellness and it gives me great pleasure and satisfaction when I hear such an enthusiastic endorsement from a top professional athlete such as Tyrell Crosby using our product and experiencing the benefits and spreading the word. Nutrigenomics is an emerging and fascinating science on the cutting edge of our knowledge of human health and I am really excited to bring these unique combinations to market.”

Peter Wojcik, CEO of Pharmagreen, stated, “Our partnership with Tyrell Crosby, a professional athlete dedicated to his own health and wellness as well as to others’ wellbeing, is a great opportunity to have our product represented by a conscientious and knowledgeable brand ambassador. Hearing Tyrell talk about how NutraMax helps him with his wellness has been a validating experience for our team as we develop nutrigenomic products designed to bring balance and health to people’s lives. We are very excited to be launching this product with Tyrell’s help and endorsement.”

About Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc.

Pharmagreen is currently developing its nutraceutical products, and is focused on near term revenues from its proprietary blend of therapeutic plants and fungi, a nutraceutical wellness product. Utilizing the Company's expertise in plant and fungi genetics, Pharmagreen's transgenic program uses the newest technology available to research and create nutraceutical daily supplements that help with mind and body support. For further information on the Company, and our updated website, please visit

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